Monday, March 14, 2011



God is your child.
By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

God is the very core of your existence. The Divine principle is not someone in the sky, it is inside you in the form of your consciousness. Know that you have abundance of grace within you and God is your very own. Happiness, joy and even devotion comes by grace. Whatever one gets in life, that comes with grace.

You have always thought of God as a father, up n the heavens somewhere. When you think of God as a father, you will want to demand and take from Him. Why do you want to pray? What do you want to ask? A good father already knows what to give. Assume you are the most beloved of the Divine; then surrender happens. Surrender is not an action, it is an assumption. Non-surrender is an ignorance, an illusion. Surrender begins as an assumption and then it reveals itself as a reality. The world is made up of both; the seen universe and the unseen consciousness. It is the form of the Divine but the Divine is formless. There is no “two”, no duality.

For God, there is no you and I. He can only see Himself in everything and everyone. No one has any independent existence. God is not an object of senses but the feeling of feelings, the presence of the presence, the sound of silence, light of life, the essence of the world and the taste of the bliss.

You are pregnant with God. You have to take care of this pregnancy and deliver this Child into the world. Most people do not deliver. God is your child who clings onto you like a baby until you grow old and die. When you see God as a child, you have no demands. Your surrender to a child is more authentic because there is no demand.

The Child clings onto the devotee, crying for nourishment. Sadhana(spiritual practices), Satsang(music and meditation), and Seva (service to society) are the nourishments. Atheists lurk around the corner. Doubts, disbelief and ignorance are the atheists in your mind. So better take care.

Source: Hindustan Times March 14, 2011.

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