Wednesday, November 24, 2010


YES, YOU CAN – Use Body Language In Right Way And Achieve Success

Dear Friend,

Everybody in this world communicates his/her feelings to somebody or many persons every day. And the means adopted to communicate is usually talking. In other words, talking is the most personal, direct and forceful way in which one communicates. The way one talks has the greatest impact on how other people interact with one. That is why you should always bear in mind that it is a skill and should not be taken as granted. It should be fully understood with all its implications, as it plays an invaluable role in expressing your ideas and feelings. Talking, however, involves the following elements: how to communicate with people using body language; what are the techniques for expressing yourself in the best way; how to put forward the points you think necessary; what are the techniques for winning arguments. Most of what people understand when you talk is what they are told by your voice tone, expression and body language.

Remember, your non-verbal language may be communicating more clearly. In fact, as experts believe, of the three elements that comprise face-to-face communication – words, tone of voice and body language – words can be responsible for very little of meaning i.e. up to only seven percent, whereas most of the job is done by tone of voice and body language accounting for meaning up to thirty-eight and fifty five percent, respectively. It clearly means that if you want to convey your ideas, negative or win arguments, you must how to communicate with your eyes, and be careful about the signals you are sending out to the persons being spoken to.

Non-verbal communication or body language includes your facial expression, gesture, tone of voice, speed of speech, how you hold your body i.e. the way you seat yourself and where you position yourself in relation to others. You have to remember very well that unnatural eye contact and confrontational body positions send out wrong and very disturbing messages. Similarly, if somebody who does not meet your eyes while speaking is sending a strong and clear signal that what he/she is saying is quite different from what he/she actually feels. You should be aware of the fact that like verbal language, body language is also affected by emotions and may come out all wrong. You should, however, not misunderstand anyone who is unable to meet your eyes while speaking. You should never think that he/she is shy, embarrassed, or even nervous about your reaction to what he/she is telling you.

The body language you use while communicating depends upon on many traits. If you are sitting forward or leaning towards the speaker, it goes in your favour. If you are not seated, you should always stand upright to have a positive impact the speaker. Besides, you should keep your eyes wide open in order to look more expressive and confident. Your hand gestures should remain animated to carry on your message in the right way. If you place your hands on your hips instead of folding them across your chest, it will have a strong positive impact. Besides, if you look at your watch frequently, it has a very negative impact . Looking downwards and avoiding eye contact are also negative traits. Besides, your emotions should also be at your command. Never let them interfere with your ability.

You should always communicate your right ideas and feeling by exercising control over emotions. If you do not let your emotions interfere with your ability, nothing can prevent you from achieving success.

Wishing you a successful march to enviable victory.

Source: Competition Success Review.

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