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Talk Low, Talk Slow and Do Not Say Too Much

Dear Friend,

You must have observed that the two words "LISTEN" and "SILENT" are made of the same six letters. This makes think of the powe of active listening. It means that active listening is a must for talking in the real sense.

You should never think that by merely talking to somebody you can make yourself understand. In fact, there is a big difference between talking and making yourself understood. They are alone best talkers who know the value of listening. If you analyse closely and carefullly, you will find that the best talkers use the value of listening as a tool to make their own arguments more compelling; as tool for making their audience more receptive. In other words, great communication is not about making yourself sound good; it is about making your message clear. Now, the question arises- How should you get the message across? The answer is very simple- use body language; be careful while using words and use them powerfully; remember that you have to act as a regulator to bring the talk to a logical conclusion, to convince the person who is talking to you.

As far as using body language is concerned, you have to learn how to communicate with your eyes. Besides, you have to be aware of meaning of non-verbal signals which include gestures too. If you have the ability to check physical clues for underlying emotions, your job becomes easier. If there are any barriers to communication, you have to work keenly to remove them. Next to using body language comes use of words in a powerful manner. A powerful use of words consists in choosing your words with care and it can be possible only when you avoid jargons.
Jargons always complicate the expression of ideas clear and by using simple language, you can avoid misundertstanding. Use your words in such a way that they can appeal to all the five senses. Your feelings should always be intense, because it is your feelings that reinforce your point.

You have to always bear in mind what you are talking for. Be very clear about the4 purpose of negotiation. Then comes your situation, your needs and your intersts. Not that you can negotiate without having the basic knowledge about negotiation techniques. While negotiating something, you should use negotiation techniques.

Now comes the most important part of the whold exercise. You have to take decision with regard to what you actually want to achieve after winning the argument. You have to get sure that your argument is well planned and it does not make any mention of the points which are vague and misleading. You should also bear in mind that simple and clear points, and lucid language help you carry on your argument to a logical conclusion and convince others. You can convince an individual only if your argument is logical. The logical process can be mastered through practice.

Never forge that talking is the most personal, direct and forceful way in which you communicate your thoughts and feelings everyday. The way you talk has the greatest impact on how other people interact with you. That is why you should always remember that it is a skill. Not everybody in this world can talk effectively. Talking should neither be taken for granted nor misunderstood, Talk in in the proper way to succeed. Talking is a skill which should be cultivated and improved on very sincerely and carefully. Talk low, talk slow and do not say too much. Too much talk will include errors.

Wishing you all the best for success.

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