Monday, September 6, 2010

E-Book Release Personality Development

Er.Surindera Singh, Dr. M.A.Zahir, Capt.J.S.Kular and Prof P.K.Keshap at the release of e-book Personality Development (A New Inner Engineering for Success in Exams, Competitions, Career and Life)

Dr. M.A.Zahir, an eminent academician and Chairman of Synetic Business School (SBS), Ludhiana formerly Head, Department of Business Management and Dean, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana released e-Book “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT” (A New Inner Engineering for Success in Exams, Competitions, Career and Life) co-authored by Prof P.K.Keshap, Associate Professor to MBA/PGPM for Personality Development and CPS.

Others present at the release were Capt. J.S.Kular, Executive Director of STEP, formerly director SISI and Er. Surindera Singh, Registrar of STEP (Science and Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park) Govt. of India, GNE, Ludhiana. Prof Keshap is recipient of “RASHTRIYA GAURAV AWARD” and “INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR AWARD”. He is a world-famous author of net based Go Articles and his articles “BASIC PERSONALITY” and “ Pathways to Knowledge” are widely read by the readers all over world. Recently Google ranked Prof Keshap world’s #1 blogger for his interest in “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT” and “Communication Skills.” Prof Keshap is the founder director of Mind Power Institute.

In the e-book, Prof Keshap has detailed case-studies from his experiences and observations gathered from over 2000 students, candidates and teachers over a period of 18 years. He conducted campus interviews, inspired, motivated, trained and taught the students who have settled in India and abroad. Among his students are Mrs. India 2004(Naina Dhaliwal) and certain professors teaching in Canada and India.

Prof Keshap opines that the e-book is exceedingly useful for students who are aspiring for career in Civil Services ( IAS, IPS, IRS) , Military(SSB, NDA), Management (MBA, MCA) Education (B.A/B.Sc.B.Ed./M.Sc./M.Ed./M.A, Ph.D)
and competitions like Banking, CAT, MAT, XAT, Insurance, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT. The e-book is equally useful for working people, educated housewives, executives and businessmen. Job and Visa seekers can use the e-book as guide for having insight about the possible interview techniques and questions.

The e-book is equally good guide for parents. The e-book basically enables the reader to find the grey areas of his/her personality and improve upon those grey areas which in turn ensures higher rate of success in exams. Prof Keshap further opines that the difference between failure and success is doing the thing nearly right and exactly right. The e-book is available on or just by typing “Prof P.K.Keshap Personality Development” on Google search bar and clicking the link .


Mano said...


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Sadhuji said...

A very inspiring blog..

nurturing the human resources towards a positive leadersip..

Changing their personality to contribute positively to society

Prof Keshap said...

Sadhuji, thank you for your encouraging and inspiring comment. Optimism is life, sir. I hope you will agree. This entire world is the result of efforts of the people who have lived with optimism over all the ages.

Prof P.K.Keshap

Prof Keshap said...

Karimji, I don't know who is Mano. May be your nick-name but I tell you that I have learnt a lot from your posts.By just adding my experiences, I have been able to co-author the e-book titled Peronality Development (A New Inner Engineering for Success in Exams, Competitions, Career and Life). Your motivation, enthusiasm and positivism- all have contributed a lot in grooming and fashioning my thinking. I thank you, sir.

Prof P.K.Keshap

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