Thursday, August 19, 2010


The person who has never failed in life is the person who has never attempted any act in life.

Amitabh Bachchan - the great legend of Indian Cinema when went to face the interview by an advertisement agency faced this fact. The interviewer retorted, "Your voice resembles with beast of burden. You can never be success in life." Amitabh Bachchan spoke nothing but determined internally "I will become a great actor and my voice will be my strength." Rest is the reality you all know.

Had Amitabh Bachchan bogged down at that time, he would have gone to seclusion and nobo0dy would have bothered about him. But he rose and fought and won the battle of failure in a befitting manner.

Whenever anyone faces failure in exam, competition, career or life first thought comes to mind is quitting. A person never fails until he/she quits. Brave rise and fight and win laurels for themselves and for their family and friends, nears and dears. Scociety salutes them. Success salutes them.

There is nothing between success and failure except right and adequate effort.

Passing an exam needs studying hard. One hour study should be spread like:

-20 minutes reading

-20 minutes closing eyes reflecting upon what has been read.

-20 minutes - writing for knowing what has been read is right and worh or not.

Generally, we tell to others more than doing. George Bernard Shaw - the great writer- says, " When we tell about our plans to others, they comment, criticise and complement. But when we achieve our goals, they appreciate and believe." So, don't tell others until you achieve.

Commonly diagnosed reasons for failure in exams are:

- Wrong daily routine

-Not attending the class for one reason or another.

- Excessive socialisation

- Excessive friendship and wasting of time in activities other than studies.

Improving upon these habits forces success to salute the aspirant.

Wishing you a grand success - Prof P.K.Keshap

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