Friday, August 27, 2010


Be your best self

by I.M.Soni
You have been troubled by infereiority feelings which are often based on memories or on remarks made by others.
Your feelings lead to self-concepts that are flagrantly wrong, but as long as you believe in them, you are inluenced by them.
Threrefore, it is important for you for to keep telling yourself that you are a much better individual than you are made to believe by envious people.
If you accept this as a fact, it will begin to influence your life because what you do with your self life depends on your own self-concept.
Your self-concept makes real things happen to you. You may say, "I can do this" and "I can't do that" simply because of remarks that other have made about you.
You underestimate your own abilities. Your inherent abilities are much greater than those you actually use. No one ever gives his best, is not a joke. Henry Ford once said, "Everyone can do more than he thinks he can."
No matter what your abilities are, they can be developed only if you choose to develop them. It is up to you.
According to Prescott Lecky, every human being strives to be a consistentent whole. He rejects what he thinks contradicts his self-image. Sometimes, he rejects traits that would be greatly to his advantage, because in a thoughtless moment, someone has told him that he was very dull.
If he accepts this, it becomes part of his mental picture of himself, and from that time he behaves accordingly.
A poor speller, for example, can be turned into a good one by changing his idea about his ability. When he changed his idea about his opinion of himself, a high school student, who previously misspelled 55 words out of 100 and had failed in most of his school subjects, became one of the best spellers in his school and got a general average of 90. He overcame his ,"disability" and became proficient.
Self-concept may be compared to building houses. If a man, in a fit of alcoholism, builds up an image of himself that has no basis in reality, he's building a mental house of straw.
A daydream that has no follow-up can be blown away as easility as a house of straw.
You can build your mental house out of sticks, and it can also be blown down. If you build your self-concept on casual remarks made others, you are building it out of sticks.
If you build your mental house out of bricks, who can knowck it down? Bricks that build your self-concept show what you can do and achieve.
If you have personal experience in succeeding at something, small or big, you can build a house of your self-esteem on what you have done. Forget the failures you have met with.
Build your life and career on what you have already done successfully. Success breeds success.
Nietzche says, "Become what thou art!" He knew that if we only became as great as we really are we would be better than we dream.
You have potentialities that you have never realised. The first step in changing your life is to believe that you can change. Here are some suggestions.
Accept yourself. In a study of group of college students, it was found that those who were mentally healthiest accepted themselves with all their faults as naturally.
Dont tear yourself apart because you do not think you are worthy.
You should try to be at your best.
Believe in yourself. You have some talent. If you do not know what your talent is, that does not mean that you do not possess one.
Keep seeking till you find what your talent is.
Think of how to make yourself better.
If you spend too much time wondering whether or not you are good, you won't be.
Keep your hands and your mind occupied.A man is nothing if not a worker.
Keep recreational activities in your life.
Always have an activity that will be fun for the sake of it.
Make others comfortable and at ease.
When you meet someone for the first time, concentrate on trying to make him feel at ease.
That will keep you from feeling self-conscious.
If you cocentrate on the other person, you are not self-centred.
Do something about your negatives. If you have some worries you cannot do anything, try to be fair about them. Look for their good points.
Believe in some power higher and greater than yourself.
Bury the past. Yesterday was a dream, tomorrow may never come. Use this fragment of time, as though it were your last day.
Work for your future.The beauty of the future is that it comes one day. And anybody can handle one day positively and creatively.

Source: The Tribune August 27,2010

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