Monday, June 21, 2010


Mr. Singh, a youngman of 34 years, migrated from Punjab (India) to Canada six years back. He is Master of Science by education. He did his Masters in Plant Breeding from world renowned University, Punjab Agricultural University. His mentor found that Mr. Singh's soul is more than he appears to the people around him. He motivated, mentored and encouraged him every time. Despite certain physical disabilities, Mr. Singh was able to overcome them. He was able to combat family, friends and peer pressure boldly. The first job he did in Canada was driving of the truck. This enabled him to visit every nook and corner of Canada and America. Many times he confessed scornfully that job was not upto his education. But his mentor always suggested to love the job and do not attach a tag of education. Today he is self-employed- an independent person, a contributor to the real world and its progress. Had he quit the job, he would have not reached the level he is today.

Having become aware about the topography of these two renowned countries of the world, Mr. Singh moved further in his career. Recently he bought a truck for C$ 60000- an achievement beyond his expectations and calculations. Today he is self-employed and is very happy.

He appreciates the continuous daily mentoring by his mentor in India over phone. Encouraging words make a person bold and brave to go up the ladder of success. Discouragers drag downward. Beware. This is his self development tale.

Now I switch over to his heart and the invisible natural help. A few years back, a young girl from Canada, not remotely known to him asked for help. The girl's mother is from UK and father from another country. Girl was born and raised in Canada. Mr. Singh helped her with C$ 1200 .

Last week , he was unable to lift the load from his company that had to earn him C$ 700. But his vehicle was not fit. He pleaded with his company," This kind of small loads will not enable me to earn enough to pay the instalment of my vehicle." "Sorry, Mr. Singh, I will take care in future to give you a heavy load for long distances so that you may earn well, " was the humble and quick answer from the company owner. He appreciated his gesture and kept enjoying his off-day sitting in his room.

Just then the phone rang, " Hello Mr. Gurmeet Singh Aitiana. How are you? You remember me." Before he could recollect who the caller was, the voice was heard, " I am Christie, the girl you helped a few years back. I am very thankful to you that you helped me when I needed the help very urgently. I am now able to repay you C$ 1200. I rang up so many times, but you appeared to be in USA and hence the network answered - the phone is switched off. Thank God I am able to contact you. I am coming to pay back your C$1200."

Now Mr. Singh was thinking, how God works. He lost load that could earn him C$700 but he earned C$1200 without even stepping out of his house. He raised his eyes and hands in appreciation and thanks to the invisible God saying "Waheguru, you are great. You show your presence by small, small events in our daily. " Helping our brothern and sisters is TRUE LIVING.

It is not the first case. Earlier too he had shown compassion for humans from other countries. A Philipine girl expressed her desire to get education. She expressed her inability because she could not pay her fee. Very intelligently, Mr. Singh, asked her to inform the name of the educational institution and he immediately remitted US$ 200. The girl though unkown, never met face to face is studying in the that educational institution.

In another incident, Mr. Singh helped a Russian boy who was in trouble. They became friends and Mr. Singh visits his home regularly. The Russian's mother, though does not know the language to communicate her feelings and thanks to Mr. Singh, keeps on scrolling her fingers through his hair. Looking into her eyes, one can easily gauge and infer that she is blessing Mr. Singh for what he has done for her son.

Helping humans with money or otherwise when they are in need is TRUE LIVING of which Mr. Singh is an embodiment.

Hats off to Mr. Singh.


निर्मला कपिला said...

thanks a wonderful post really ineed this kind of yo can say प्रेरणा। thanx a lot

Prof Keshap said...

Nirmalaji, Namaskar. It is long since I heard from you. I am pleased to know that you are following my blog. Your comments really appreciable. The person has been my student. I am also encouraged to know about my students who have scattered throughout world. I thank you for the inspiring comment.