Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ajay Pandey

Prayer is the core of every religion. A moment of prayer is a moment of isolation, self-realisation and deep introspection. It makes one feel that no existence in this world is more than a drop in the ocean.

When you pray, not only do you accept the supremacy of God, you also surrender yourself in his service and seek his blessings. This is another subtle way to get rid of one’s ego and become more humane and accommodating.

Even if one is praying with so many people, he is actually not a part of any collective phenomenon . He is more like a discrete unit that has its own identity in an apparent continuum.

The gleam of hope an individual may be harboring in the gloomiest of times has its foundation emanating from faith and prayer. Those words uttered in private have an indefinable strength and the capacity to travel fast, very fast indeed.

In fact, it’s rightly believed that neither a bullet, nor sound, nor even light can march the pace of which a simple, pure, prayer travels.

It reaches God even before the individual says it.

It truly establishes a heart-to-heart contact between a human being and the supreme power.

No amount of external peace can take care of the turbulence within. The inner peace looks for solace through different instruments and mediums, and prayer is surely one of them. The responses to agonies of the past, the turmoil of present and the hopes linked to our future, all find a silently flowing expression in prayer and purpose of life starts become clearer and clearer.

Prayer might assume different forms but all forms, though different in expression, have the same objective – to bow to that supreme. A prayer is a strong weapon available to human beings to seek answers to their queries that more often than not appear to be baffling.

It’s our moral duty to inculcate the importance of faith and prayer in our coming generations because this is wherein lies the hope for the whole of human civilization for peaceful co-existence.

PRAYER IS A FREE CALL 2 GOD. No battery, no charging, no network problem, endless talk time. So pray to God and start your day. You will really feel fresh, happy and enlightening day by day.

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Source: Hindustan Times Dec. 14, 2009.

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