Thursday, October 22, 2009



Don’t Think You Cannot,
Think You Can.

Dear Friend,

You can start to maximize your mind power simply by understanding how your mind works and how you store and access information. In fact, you are gifted with the ability to develop your brain in order to become able to do more, have more and be more.
In other words, you must know how your mind works and how it accesses information effortlessly, how to programme your mind. You have to remain conscious of the fact that your mind is like an air traffic controller and takes in any information and directs it according to its current knowledge.

Without your being aware, new information is stored the moment it comes in – each time you access it, the more hard-wired it becomes.
One thing should never be lost track of – mind and body constantly interact. It is your mind which regulates even your breathing pattern which you are always unmindful of. It is your mind which actually ensures that what your heart does not skip a beat. You can have an idea of the immense power of mind whenever you perform a habitual but complex task without conscious effort on your part. For example, when you multiply two figures, you draw upon your memory of multiplication tables. It is done easily and effortlessly, because you had had to repeat them as a child for countless times to get them by heart.

In other words, keep doing a thing till you get mastery over it. Your mind has infinite potentiality. It is simply your will to do a task which matters. Never think that anything is impossible. With a positive mind you can readily access the information you have stored. Training and exercise are tools to programme your mind and a way that can use it when it is needed.

It is power of mind that has done wonders by winning the most coveted prize in the world, the Nobel Peace Prize for the US President, Mr. Barack Obama. The committee attached “special importance to Obama’s vision and work for a world without nuclear weapons” and said he had created “ a new climate in international politics.” Head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Thorbjorn Jagland said Mr. Obama was honoured “for his extraordinary effort to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” and added that it was “ a unanimous decision”. The committee said it was seeking to encourage Mr. Obama’s ideals rather than recognize concrete results. The jury, in fact hailed Mr. Obama’s “extraordinary” effort in international diplomacy and to hasten nuclear disarmament.
Wishing and working for your success.

You have powers
You never dreamt of
You can do things
You never thought
You could do.
There are no limitations
In what you can do
Except the limitations
In your own mind
As to what
You cannot do
Don’t think you cannot.
Think you can.

(Source: Competition Success Review)

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