Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The Right Career
TODAY, the workplace looks like a battlefront with burnouts, low work satisfaction, ‘meager’ salaries and office politics.

While many of us are miserable at work, there are many others who make sure that the ones around them are in constant turmoil.

In recession-hit times, one may not get to move to the ‘perfect’ workplace.

Plus, characters who disturb one’s peace can be encountered in every office.

So, if you can’t choose your colleagues and cannot move to a better job, what can you change?
“Be the change you want to see,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

To guide us on this path of change are the words of sterling personalities of yesteryears and many incidents from the scriptures.

Small changes in your thought, action and speech will lead to a happier you and a better work environment as happy workers translate into a better workforce.


As each man’s special aptitude is known
Bid each man make that special work his own,
Wrote saint Thiruvalluvar in his “Thrikkural”

If given a choice, choose a job that gives you job instead of the one that pays more or has more takers.

Instead of becoming an Emperor or as a King, Suddhodana planned, his son, prince Siddhartha, chose knowledge over money and became the Buddha.

On being asked why Mirza Galib, unlike his ancestors, chose the pen instead of the sword, Ghalib said, “To polish the mirror and show in it the face of meaning – that too is a mighty work.”

There is nothing better than having a job you love and getting paid for it. This way, one will look forward to Mondays and will never be late for work.

You will put in your 100 per cent and a little ‘extra’ without expecting to be compensated for it.
– Sai R.Vaidyanathan
(Source: Jobs and Careers published by The Tribune on 2nd September, 2009.

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