Sunday, July 12, 2009


By Rekha Singal

Life is a mystery, no doubt. The only thing that seems to be clear is that our body and the mortal world around is just an illusion. Soul is indestructible and souls that are realized get integrated into the Supreme Soul. Realized souls tear off the cordons of the mortal world and are beyond all luxuries, lavishness, consumption, accumulations, and show-ups.

They are divinely focused on helping, sacrificing, serving and are strong enough to sustain worldly pains. Kabeer was a great saint and had all these qualities. In our own times, Aurobindo Gosh, who topped the ICS exams held in London, decided to quit the powerful Civil Services world and be in the service of humanity at large.

There would be many other examples worldwide. One thing common in all these divine personages is that they pursued the most thorny path to true happiness.

As they say, “a healthy body, a healthy mind”. One can extend the adage to “a healthy body, a healthy soul.” Hence physical health is very important for performing the worldly duties for which you are born on this earth. Also, physical body is very necessary for all spiritual pursuits like help, service, sacrifice etc.

Therefore, one must take care of your physical health. Take things lightly but take ‘meditation’ very seriously.

Eat well but the right type only.

Rest enough.

Do not worry at all what the world is going to say and help those who deserve.

The quality of life undergoes miraculous changes when some of these rules are followed.
Of course, one can become Gautam Budha ony one musters the grand courage to quit all worldly attractions and illusions. That comes ordinary mortals later as most of us are.
But this comes very early to those who are born like the great Gautam Budha.

Read for “light” and not for arguing or show.

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Very well written article. Very informative.

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