Sunday, May 31, 2009

Feel Fresh-Laugh

Laugh and the world laughs with you

"Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone," is one of the truest things that ever said.Naturally there may be times in life when a laugh is utterly impossible, or may seem so. Nevertheless the inclination to stimulate the emotions associated with laughter and good humor should be encouraged at every opportunity. Each day should have its laughing time, or its many laughing times. It is barely possible, of course, that laughing, like any other emotional expression, would become tiresome if overdone, but I am inclined to doubt the possibility of harmful effect under any circumstances.Laughter is a pleasure, in itself, as well as a symptom of merriment. It is the expression of keen, bounding joy. It is an emotive manifestation that stirs one's whole nature and vitalizes every part of the body. There is a sound, physiological basis for amusements that make us laugh.We all need to laugh every once in a while — don’t we? “LAUGHTER IS GOOD MEDICINE.” It’s the type of medicine we need to make sure we bring into our lives— often! It’s so easy to get caught up into this fast-paced lifeTo laugh in our day to day life, we can-Develop sense of humor. A sense of humor is the ability to see and laugh at the incongruities of life. Hang out with children. You'll soon be taken in by their innocence and playfulness. Forget about yourself; brighten up their day by making them laugh, and you soon will be laughing too.Use the Internet as a source of funny photos, cartoons, and jokes. Make your own humor scrapbook. Just ten minutes a day spent on studying humor will pay big dividends in the future. Be patient and remember not to force anything. Just relax and eventually laughter will happen to you.Benefits of Laughter Laughter provides immeasurable benefits to the body and mind. Laughing gives your internal organs a gentle but effective workout. It aerates your blood, oxygenates your brain, and improves your circulation. This helps to lower blood pressure. Laughing boosts your mood, as well as your immune system. It brightens your outlook and reduces stress. It helps you cope, and it gives you hope for a better future. Laughing with someone else creates a bond between you. Laughter is universal, and a necessary part of daily life. Laughter increases your self-confidence. So laugh for no reason, and laugh every day!Laughter benefits the body:

Boosts immune system

Improves cardiovascular health

Improves circulation

Oxygenates the brain

Reduces stress hormones

Reduces pain

Relaxes muscles

Massages internal organs

Laughter benefits the mind:

Reduces mental stress

Reduces anger, anxiety

Increases joy, and feelings of freshness

Improves mood

Improves outlook, making it more positive

Increases optimism

Increases sense of control

Increases emotional intelligence

Gives hope for a better future

At work, laughter also has significant benefits:

Aids in team building Improves communication skills

Aids in conflict management

Increases morale, job satisfaction

Increases creativity, problem solving

Increases resilience Improves stress management

Improves leadership

Improves productivity

Bonds people together

So what are you thinking??

Start laughing whenever you get chance (or even without any reason) and feel the difference in your life.

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