Thursday, March 26, 2009



Dear Friend,

Doing the right thing, in the right way and at the right time will produce the right results you want, and deliver the goods.
In other words, knowing what to do, when, where and how is the master-key to your success. Gain knowledge and get ideas. Know the things over which you have power and shape them to your advantage. Learn and analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Achieve and accomplish through study and practice. You have total power over your attitude, outlook and conduct. Think positively and act decisively. You have complete control over your appearance and approach, attitude and aptitudes, words and voice, health and habits.
If you want people to flock to you, ring wedding bells and do not sound funeral chimes. Appreciate what others do for you and make the appreciation come from your heart. People crave for recognition and appreciation. It is all in what you say and how you say. Even more important, you must first establish yourself as a good and appreciative listener. Everyone want, nay, truly craves, for an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Therefore, be a good listener first and talker next. It is better and wiser to listen with interest when you have the urge to talk. Become and remain an enthusiastic and interesting listener and encourage the other person to talk. One learns and gets to know by listening. On the other hand, one only exposes oneself by talking. You get the advantage when you listen and lose it when you talk.
You can make people feel important by asking them to talk and tell you about their accomplishments and achievements. Let them have the chance of playing the big hero. If you want an individual to like you and take to you instantly, let him feel that you really like him and are favourably impressed by him.
Words which convey joy, speech that spells success, and sounds that ring wedding bells, attract and bring others to your fold. Banish negative words like defeat, depression, failure, misfortune, pain, sickness, trouble etc. from your thoughts, vocabulary and expression. Words move people. Let us use them to build up people – to make them feel better, feel important, feel wanted, feel big and happy.
Sounding the success bells for you for a bright and prosperous future.

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