Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ideas Work Wonders

Dear Friends,

Success starts with a thought or an idea.

When nourished with hope and confidence and encouraged by ambition and aspiration, that single idea takes shape as a dream, vision, and a goal in stages. You must allow your ideas to grow, no matter how farfetched or non-comformist they may seem in the beginning. You must give wings to your ideas and let them fly high. You must allow your thoughts to take root, no matter how others choose to regard them.

Many great ones, whom the world today worships with awe and wonder as gifted visionaries, super geniuses or miracle-makers, were viewed as utopians or mental defuncts by several of their contemporaries. While some may describe your ideas as imagination and vision, others may dub them as sheer day dreams and idle fantasies. But the fact remains that ideas, however, strange, unorthodox or heretic they might have seemed at the start, have ultimately wrought miracle, brought revolutions and built civilization.

Ideas verily rule the world, and also the minds of men. They contribute to continuing changes, shape as well as determine the destiny of human beings and contribute to the growth of civilizations. Every great and grant accomplishment, whether relating to religion, science, medicine, industry, technology, or sports, which are written in letters of gold in the history of human advancement, was in the first instance, no more than a mere idea in the mind of a human being, be he a man or woman. Revered religious texts, great classics, magnificent monuments, astonishing scientific discoveries, earth shaking inventions, fantastic technological feats like splitting the atom, heart transplant, human walking on the Moon, unraveling the secrets of Mars – have all had only ‘ideas’ at their starting points.

Ideas sprout, blossom, and lead to action with knowledge. Therefore, your success is irrevocably linked to knowledge. Knowledge is strength and knowledge is power. When you apply your knowledge and understand your problem, you will find the solution staring at you. When you know the answers, your success in an examination, test or interview is automatically assured. When you know the secret of your business, your profit and growth are guaranteed.
You do not have to go very far for an example.

The track record of Yuki Bhmabri, the young tennis star who won the 2009 Australian Open boys’ single title, is enough to prove the fact.

Today, at only 16, he symbolizes the resurgent spirit of India that not only thinks and dreams big, but also tries to translate every dream into action. In a physically demanding sport like tennis, he has done a marvel with sheer clarity of thought and mental toughness. Yuki has differently honed his game and keenly improved his physical fitness to come up to the mark.

By winning the Australian Open boys’ singles title, Yuki joined a legion of players from Lwe Head, Ken Rosewell, Rod Laver, John NewCombe, Tony Roche, Stefan Edberg and Thomas Enqvist to the more recent ones like Nicolas Kiefer, Andy Roddick, Janko Tiparevic, Marcos Bhagdatis and Gaol Manfil, who have all triumphed at the oldest junior Grand Slam event that started in 1922. He can courageously stand up to the challenges from players with explosive game. In his formative years, critics often questioned his technique, specially his pronounced backswing, but they have been silenced, as Yuki has evolved a lot.

Enabling you to gain ideas and win in life.
Contributed by – Prof P.K.Keshap from Competition Success Review(CSR).

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vaneet kundra said...

wonderful, wonderful... Ideas aptly described by giving an example of a tennis star. Prof. Keshap. you are no doubt a very good writer, but you have described " idea " in a a way, which is hope, dreams, execution and thus achieving it. You are a big asset. Keep up the good work. i hope we can do a lot together, may be an idea today. Never know when they start taking shape. One must not give up is the answer you have given.