Monday, March 2, 2009


Health & Harmony


What are the auras? We each possess a “magnetic” field that radiates from us in the same way that the Sun’s rays emanate from its centre. This is the aura, and it partakes and reflects our mental, spiritual and emotional states. We all create the characteristics of our own auras by our mental, spiritual and emotional habits.

So aura is an extension of a person’s character. It is the aura we are “feeling” – with our own aura – when we feel instantaneously conscious of the strength of another’s personality and charisma.


Let’s say that you want to heighten your feelings of devotion to your loved one, that you want to rid your self of your jealousy about this person and increase the pure love you have. Red, white or pink are the auric colours you will meditate on to achieve this. You are going to think pink, quite literally, and you are going to do so in a meditative state of relaxed awareness.


RED : Life, Pure energy, Warm affection, Enthusiasm, Also
Passion, Anger, Danger.

YELLOW : Intellect, Openness, Optimism, Ability.

GOLD : Wisdom, Higher Consciousness.

BLUE : Altruism, Inspiration, Calm, Harmony, Artistic Nature,
Truth and Love.

INDIGO : Spiritual nature, High integrity and sincerity, Intuition

GREEN : Energy, Earthly Peace, Balance, Individualism, Renewal.

BLUE- GREEN : Ego, Human charity, Human Love.

VIOLET : Spiritual serenity, Spiritual Power.

ORANGE : Activity, Intellectual enthusiasm toward life, Ambition,

BROWN : Perseverance, Materialism, Mnagerial talent.

GRAY : Formalism, Conventionality

BLACK : Negativity, Evil.

WHITE : The highest magnitude of spirituality.

PINK : Vibrancy, Love, Lack of Jealousy, Modesty and art, Devotion

YELLOW-WHITE : Intellectual pursuit, Developing consciousness, Pure Love

BLUE-WHITE : High Idealism, Tranquility.


Nirmla Kapila said...

sab se pehle to aapka profile dekh kar khushi hui ki aap panjaab se hain mai bhi punjaab se hoon apka blog dekh kar bahut khushi hui ki mere manpasand vishay ke baare me itna kuchh apke blog par maujood hai dheere dheere aapki sari post padhoongi aapka bahut bahut dhanyvaad colour theory ke baare me maine pehle bhi padhA tha magar har colour ki detail bhool gayee thi mujhe aura ke baare me bhi pata hai maine pehli baar ye sab sankshep me gaayatri mahavigyan me padhaa tha khushi hai ki ab aapke madhyam se detail me padhne ko milega bahut bahut dhanyavaad agar detail me bata saken ki aap kaun se shahar ko belong karte hain to kripa hogi aapki ye mail main apne bachon ko bhi mail kar rahi hoon

vaneet kundra said...

Aura beautifully described by colour therapy. I am of the view that me, kanan Jaswal and you can contribute a lot together to start some movement. Our views are quite similar and it is the team, which can make goals, not the person. Please join the Facebook group and become a co-creator of the group and invite your friends and known people to become members. This is very important.