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Act of God


(Act XXI of Govt. of India)

At the Service of Motherland
B.R.S NAGAR, LUDHIANA-141 012[03](India) Email:
PHONE NO. 091+161-3017675

Dear Reader,

Sub: Appeal to like minded people. Service to humans is service to God.




marriage of poor girls and help of poor students

When I came in this world, the world was here. I got education in the institutions which I had NOT built. I received help from the people who were not related to me by blood. This all contribution of others, my elders, ancestors and study of holy scriptures has inspired me to build institutions for learning and helping the people at large and generation NEXT irrespective of caste, color and creed. “Service to humanity is service to God” all holy scriptures and men of great learning say. When I underwent NDE, I received help from unknown people and organizations. This I have learnt after meeting NDE(Near Death Experience). So, I have dedicated my rest of the life to build institutions and work for the betterment of the life of poor human beings especially the have-nots and children of slum-dwellers. Education is empowerment. You can join me.

Institutions survive longer than humans’ life span. What is today Oxford University was once a Plato’s Academy.

Rahul Mahajan (son of Mr. Parmod Mahajan allegedly shot by his own brother, a leading political leader of BJP in India) aptly disclosed the Power of Money when he commented on TV, “I paid Rs. 1.25 crores as a medical bill of my father Pramod Mahajan. But I could not save my papa. I have learnt what is the value of money in life.”

Question is whether “money can buy happiness”. Emphatically “No”. Take the case of Mr. Ramalinga Raju of Satyam fame: 1000 designer suits, 321 shoes, 310 belts, properties spread over 63 countries. Bracelets, chains, rings and watches worth crores of rupees and now the residence is Jail. Psychiatrists feel that former Satyam Computer boss was suffering from “hoarding mania” and this landed him in Jail. “This kind of behaviour gives the buyer false sense of control over life situations”, says Sandeep Vohra, consultant psychiatrist Delhi Apollo Hospital.

Mahatma Budha says, “A kind man who makes good use of wealth is rightly said to possess a great treasure, but the miser who hoards up his riches will have no profit.”



All (except blind) are born with 2 physical eyes but only grace of God and right learning through education creates the 3rd eye and man becomes a “philanthropist”- servant of humanity.

So, I appeal you to donate for building the institutions that may make the youth employable and help them live with dignity especially from poor and low strata of the society.
How to donate:

Send donation by crossed “A/C payee” bank draft or cheque
drawn in favour of Gursewa Charitable Trust (Regd)- A/c No.4507 0001 00021062 payable at Ludhiana by post. Write your name and address on the back of bank draft or cheque so that your record may be kept in “philanthropists".

Deposit cash, cheque, banker’s cheque or bank draft in Gursewa Charitable Trust(Regd.) – A/c No. 4507 0001 00021062 with any branch of Punjab National Bank in India or abroad. Email your name and address so that your record in “philanthropists book” may be retained for future reference and record.

All the donations will be duly acknowledged by sending you the receipt or scanned copy of the

All big projects have small beginnings.
5 Ph.D professors will contribute to support the projects.

What are the objectives of the trust? They are given in the enclosed attachment.

Books in ENGLISH/HINDI/PUNJABI on Social Skills, Health, Life Style, Business Management Skills, Personality Development, Self-development, Family Management etc. written on behalf of the trust will be sent to all the donors FREE OF COST in due course of time. So write us your name and address when you send or deposit the donation.

Wishing you a long and happy life,
Cordially yours,

( Keshap)
1.. Don’t like this communication? Don’t tense yourself. Just Ignore .

2. You may sponsor a class room or sponsor the scholarship in the name of some one very dear to you.



Mission, Vision, Aims and Objects of the Trust

3.1 To work for the overall welfare of the people residing in India.
3.2 To preach for co-existence and tolerance of all religions amongst all classes and masses irrespective of state or language.
3.3 To educate people and preach for patriotism and inculcate the spirit of patriotism so that our motherland remains “United India” or “United Bharat” by writing and publishing literature for patriotism.
3.4 To help the poor and needy in India and abroad in cash or kind at all difficult periods and natural calamities.
3.5 To educate the young and work for making young generation and others aware against the bad effects of drugs, AIDS, HIV, alcoholism and other social evils like dowry, girl infanticides, declining sex ratio and sati pratha.
3.6 To work for better living conditions in India irrespective of caste, creed,color and social status.
3.7 To organize blood donation camps, organs donation motivation camps, eye operation camps and general health check up camps for the differently able, old, poor and needy patients.
3.8 To help orphans, widows, physically challenged people, poor students and all type of needy women in cash or kind as and when the need occurs.
3.9 To motivate the children, their guardians or parents from poor families
to go for education so that our motherland may rid off the poverty and people may develop scientific temper.
3.10 To promote girl child and women’s education.
3.11 To organize workshop and seminars on literacy for the benefits of illiterate women and children.
3.12 To celebrate festivals of all religions, birthdays of Guru, Rishi Munnis and other great men that have contributed for the uplift of common people and worked for the society at large.
3.13 To set up and run schools, colleges, dispensaries anywhere in India or abroad especially in backward areas or where the light of education has not reached so far.
3.14 To build and run old age homes for old and infirm people.
3.15 To facilitate for widow re-marriage and educate people about the benefits of good health and get rid of illogical faith healers.
3.16 To write or distribute written literature for removing the various social evils.
3.17 To educate and motivate the dampen spirits to switch over from basic instincts to spiritual instincts by conducting seminars, workshops, discourses through any media in addition to providing literature written by the Trustees or arranged from other sources.
3.18 To inspire and encourage the children by various methods to cultivate the habits of reading and appreciating the nature and be self-reliant rather than dependent.
3.19 To set up and run sarais (inns) for travelers.
3.20 To set up and run girls or working women’s hostels.
3.21 To make children and their parents aware about various careers and courses in India and abroad.
3.22 To inspire and encourage the children from lower social strata of the society and educationally backward areas to go for higher studies. Such awareness will be caused through seminars, literature and workshops.
3.23 To provide help in cash or kind for the marriage of poor girls.
3.24 To inspire, encourage and motivate as well as help financially and strategically young people to set up centres for physique development.
3.25 To set up and run vocational training centres for girls, women and others.
3.26 To organize educational programmes for adults.
3.27 To establish cultural museums for children.
3.28 To promote communal harmony and preach the mission “live peaceably and respect the human rights of others” among all sections of the society.
3.29 To inspire, encourage and promote the social responsibility of planting the saplings for fresh air and avoid polluting the water resources and following the view “one earth one humanity” in principle and spirits.
3.30 To do all such other deeds and acts which are necessary and useful for the attainment of mission, vision, aims and objects of the trust.


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