Monday, November 24, 2008



A business man in North Hills had wood trading business. Gopan was working with that business man for the past over 6 years. He was drawing a petty sum of Rs. 1200/- (US$ 24) per month. He had a big family to support. Thorough out the day, he cut the wood in the jungle. Tired in the evening, he brought the wood to his master’s saw-mill. Many times he requested his master to give him raise; but the master did not heed to his request.

One day, the master employed Jaidu. Jaidu had to show his production of wood from the forest for full one month. It was after one month that his salary was to be fixed.

After a month, the salary of Jaidu was fixed at Rs. 1500/- (US$30).

Gopan was annoyed at this. He complained to the master alleging he is biased.

Master said to Gopan, “ Jaidu cuts and brings more wood than you do.” “How is this possible?”, enquired Gopan raising his eyebrows. Gopan was not believing his master. “ I don’t know, ask Jaidu,” master got rid of Gopan.

Gopan felt ashamed to ask Jaidu. But it was a matter of 25% raise in pay.

This all made Gopan go to Jaidu and ask him the secret of his better performance and production.

Jaidu advised Gopan to accompany him to the forest. On that day, both went to the forest.

Gopan climbed up the tree and remained up the tree till lunch time without any break. After lunch, too, Gopan climbed up the tree and climbed down the tree when his day was off.

Jaidu was climbing down the tree after every hour.

Lo! What is this? Gopan enjoyed less time on the ground as he did not climb down and had cut less wood. On the other hand, Jaidu was coming down the tree off and on and had cut more wood. Jaidu’s wood weighed 50 kgs and Gopan’s weighed 30 kgs. Less work more production. It surprised Gopan. He was sad.

Gopan asked Jaidu, “ How this happened? You enjoyed sleep every hour and even your production is more than that of mine.” Jaidu replied, “ No, my friend, you are mistaken. I was not enjoying sleep when I was on the ground. I sharpened my axe. Your blunt axe cut less wood. My sharpened axe cut more wood.” He realized his mistake. He had not sharpened his axe for a long time and was quarrelling with the new recruited Jaidu and his master.
Gopan understood the fact.

In the same way many people and workers do not realize the importance of “continuous learning” and grumble for pay raise or profits from their businesses. Continuous learning involves attending seminars, listening to the experts in their field of work, improving qualification, learning the new ways to move from lower level of thinking to higher level of thinking, switching from hard work to smart work etc. Read articles on the topics of your work, surf internet for updating your knowledge, buy and read books relating to your job, profession, business, hobby or anything else you do. After all;
What a man is? The total sum of what he has learnt.


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