Friday, November 21, 2008


How to Sleep Well

Sleep is essential. During sleep, your body recuperates (repairs itself). You also dream while sleeping. Many scientists say that it is during dreams that the whole day’s memory is recognized in the brain.

Your sleep happens in cycles. These are 90 minute cycles. Your sleep process repeats after 90 minutes. During these 90 minutes the brain waves change representing change from awareness to deep sleep. In each cycle there is a period for REM (Rapid Eye Movement). During this period, there is rapid circular movement of the eyes. Now scientists have found that REM sleep represents dreaming.

For good sleep, go for following:

Keep your room quiet and dark. If you do not have a separate room, you may not be able to do this. At least you can request the other members of your family to try to be quiet.
• Avoid coffee, particularly after lunch time.
Eat less of sugar, salt, fats (oils and ghee), difficult-to-digest foods, particularly at night.
• Physical exercise helps, preferably in the afternoon, but not in night.
Take time to slow down. If you are doing something very active and suddenly you go to bed, you may not get sleep. So spend the last hour or so doing relatively non-stressful activities.
• Try to go to the bed at the same time every night.
Do not read or watch TV when in bed. Use bed for sleep only.
• Learn and do relaxation exercises.

(Source: Raj Bapna’s book “Mind Power Study Techniques”

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