Monday, July 27, 2015

Business Management Made Easy

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Managing business is an herculean challenge for almost all business men and business managers.
I give below the four systems that are necessary for a business to run smoothly.
1. OAS : Office Automation System
    Office is the engine of the train called business - be it service, retail or manufacturing.  All information is managed in the office for quick actions and decision. Information is profit or money. Information needs to be preserved, saved from frugal minds, information needs to disseminated for action on the floor. Accounting, correspondence, communication - internal and external using modern gadgets like computer, mobile phones, printer, fax etc. are some of the activities of the OAS.
2. TPS: Transaction Processing System: How a transaction is processed is covered in this system. Effective handling of a transaction determines the effectiveness of the organisational management and thereby profit level. 
Pre-transaction processing: 
2.1 Visit by marketing people to introduce the product or service.
2.2 Receiving an enquiry or requirement.
2.3 Processing the enquiry mentally.
2.4 Quoting for enquiry either in writing or verbally.
2.5 Receiving an order.
Transaction Processing:
After the order is received, planning for execution starts. Raw material is arranged through Bill of Material. Material carrying cost is the major factor in this phase of transaction. Scheduling of production for producing the product helps a lot. Wise handling of the scheduling and material boosts up the transaction profit for the organisation. Well qualified, experienced and positive minds boost the productivity of this system.
3. MIS Management Information System: Various reports are received from various departments of the organisation like: Marketing, production, personnel, ERP. These are processed further so that they may be used by the top executives or management team to take effective decisions.
4. DSS Decision Support System:  MIS as described in system 3 is supplied to the top management that is aware about SWOT analysis and TOWS analysis. Such information is juggled and effective decision is taken. Efficacy of the decision depends upon the accuracy of the information so supplied.
Focus on all these systems regularly boosts the effectiveness of the organs of the organisations.

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