Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am not afraid this time
of taking chances.

Like the mighty oak tree
I extend to you my branches.
And you are not afraid
of going out on a limb.
You climb up these branches,
on faith, not a whim.
We have risen to the heavens
in answer to this calling,
and clung to our beliefs.
Neither one of us is falling!
So build us a nest,
and settle us right in.
We won't be bowled over
by any north wind.
We built this on faith
and not on a whim!

                        by Sandra Wyllie


A bird was sitting on a weak branch of tree, told the grandpa to his grand-daughter. It did not fear despite knowing that the weak branch of the tree will break. Tell me why?

The young grand put the finger into mouth, raised the eyes and childishly replied : The bird knew the branch will not break with its weight.

Grandpa laughed. No my little soul, the bird believed in its wings and always felt : my wings are stronger and I will fly when this WEAK branch will break.

Grand daughter looked in awe with wide spread eyes.

Grandpa further advised: Little young lovely child : Believe in your wings and no weak branch any tree can make you fear.

The young little soul nodded in affirmative. YES, YES, YES, I will build stronger wings through learning and education grandpa.

                                                   - by Prof P.K.Keshap

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