Monday, October 7, 2013


How to remain healthy?

1.                      Pay attention to what you eat. Tasty foods do not mean healthy foods. For taste, do not indulge in eating fried, over fried, spicy foods.

2.             Ensure that your food is balanced and contains vitamins. Change your priorities of eating unbalanced and vitamin and mineral less foods. Vitamins and minerals build body and brain. Variety of foods that contains vitamins and minerals must be eaten.

3.          Sufficient and dreamless comfortable sleep of 6-8 hours is necessary for keeping the body healthy.
  Absence of sleep CAUSES irritation in behaviour. Proper sleep is necessary for keeping the body, mind and eyes healthy.

4.         Daily or 3 days a week exercise and walk in the morning in fresh air adds to health. Do it.

5.          As relaxation or sleep is necessary for health, so is work or hard work is necessary for good health. Laziness adds to worries, weakens the brain, irritates the behaviour and destroys the relationships with people around. Avoid laziness and procrastination.

6.         Read inspirational, motivational and hope-creating books, magazines or articles daily. They will guide you for definite success in life.

7.         Listen to good energizing music.

8.          Anger aggravates worries. Anger fuels worries. Avoid anger to live happy and healthy. This will save you from the harms anger does to your life and relations with family, friends and people you meet. 

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