Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life Skills

Personality Development Skills
SLM-1 (Mind Power SPOKEN ENGLISH Institute)

Hello student,

Here below are the skills that can enhance your personality for better living.

  1. There is one difference that makes you different from others and successful in life. The difference is gut feelings, enthusiasm and self-motivation. Have you seen your puppy  running with extra ordinary energy when it sees the ball i.e. the goal it loves? This kind of gut feelings, enthusiasm and self-motivation leads anyone to achieve anything in life.
  2. For achieving what is at #1 we need to modify our behaviour. Thoughts pop up in mind – positive and negative. Thoughts are like air entering our houses. Storm that is also air brings along with dust too. Same is with negative thinking. It destroys our dreams. Keep in mind always – positive thoughts. Don’t waste your mental energy on thinking “why is this difficult or impossible.” Just dare and think “how can it done” and do.
  3. Know your rights. You have the right to make mistakes and not feel guilty. Feeling guilty for mistakes is one of the biggest stress creating agents. There is none in the world who has not committed mistakes. Wise don’t feel guilty and mend the mistake next time. Mistakes are part of your learning process.
3.1     You have right to say “No” to unwanted demands from others – be it your own kith and kin.  Yes learn to say “No” politely, tactfully and without hurting others’ feelings. Say it graciously.
3.2     You have the right to make and follow your own priorities.
3.3     You have the right to love yourself. Never compare. Accept yourself in absolute totality. Celebrate yourself saying yourself “YES, I have done it. I can do it. God has made me unique. There is none in the world like me. I will design my life and I will live life of my dreams.”
3.4     You have the right to dream and follow those dreams.
3.5     You have the right to take responsibility of your life. You are a member of the team yet different from the team.
  1. Law of success: Love yourself. Accept yourself in absolute totality and never compare. Comparison is hell. Winners beat their own records. Losers compare with others. Think positively. Positive thoughts create health and opportunities, negative thoughts destroy health and opportunities.
  2. Learn to handle anger: Anger is a disabling emotion. Anger increases pulse rate, rises blood pressure. It burns the vessel (who indulges in anger) more than the vessel (who faces anger) upon which it is poured. It is like acid. Whenever you feel that the situation will provoke you to be angry (1) Drink 2 glasses of water (2) Closing eyes do deep breathing (3) Just keeping mouth shut count up to 20. These are some of the ways suggested by world renowned psychologists. Anger destroys internal immunity, decreases patience which is very essential for becoming GREAT from good. In anger, the root of the problem is clouded. Save yourself. Say less, observe more is GOLDEN rule to find the root of the problem. Instead of unexpectedly exploding on some person or situation, let your brain question the root of the problem. YOU CAN DO IT.
  3. Think positively to live happily. Send positive messages to your mind and heart. Count your blessings and feel the gratitude. Whenever in doubt for happiness, think about the people who don’t have what you have and enjoy. Deep breathing and meditation (not medication) make a person her/his own cheerleader. Permanent happiness does not come from mental possession and expectation, it comes from feeling of self-fulfillment. 
You are more powerful than what the people around you tell. Write your strengths and weaknesses. You will find that you have less weaknesses. Whatever weaknesses you have that you will be able to control and overcome just within a period of 6 months.  Love what you do. Don’t regret. Enjoy life to the fullest extent. YOU CAN DO. Mind ready everything is easy.  Always say to your mind: YES I CAN. If you are mentally saying, “ I can’t”, you are creating mental barriers and blocks for your body to work. YES I CAN itself is energy. Boost yourself with this energy. Saying “Yes” itself to the people around you itself is creating positive energy or say “least mental resistant”  in your mind. That’s all for the day.

Knowledge is knowing the dots, wisdom is connecting those dots to achieve what you desire.

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