Monday, March 11, 2013




A student who was working in an organization whenever came to me always discussed about his parents. He always cursed and held his parents responsible for whatever in-capabilities or disabilities he had.

He never gave his parents the credit of his birth and initial education.

He always grumbled and felt that his parents are the cause of his all problems.

One day, I took shelter of a small story. 

“You constructed a small house.”
“Right sir.”
“You spent money on all the material used in the house.”
“Right sir.”
“You let out this house to a tenant.”
“ Ok sir.”
“Now the tenant does not pay you rent.”
“No. He should pay. It is in-ethical and immoral too.”
“How will you feel?”
“ Very bad sir. I will sue him. I will scold him. I will throw him out of the house. For recovery of rent I will go to police etc. etc. “

“Now listen. Your parents build a house in the form of you. They spent their hard earned money to feed you, to send you to school when you even could not walk on your feet.
You are now 29 years. 29 years x 365 days they are with you. Is there any other person who has spent so many days with you in your life?”

“Has your mother or father ever thrown you out of their heart?”
“No sir.”
“Have you paid the rent of the house they have built?”
“I don’t know how can I pay them rent?”
“Respect them, use polite and kind words, talk sweet, listen to them, sit for a while everyday, support them till the end of their lives. Go anywhere you like. Pay respects to any deity or god. You will not get mental peace. Be with your parents – live and who are in heaven and you will feel invisible, inexplicable inner peace. No parents, no birth. No birth, no problems. Problems are nothing but telling the mind I can’t do. If you give the challenge to the mind, there will never be the problem. Every problem has a solution. You need to search and find with an attitude “I can.”

“This is the rent of your existence on this planet Earth.”
“Pay and enjoy peace or suffer for ever.” The student said: “Thank you, sir I understand.”

If you cannot control your thoughts and direct them to achieve what you wish to achieve, 
you cannot control anything.

Disaster is the end. 

A car without internal breaks is bound to bump anywhere with anything and meet with accident. BEWARE. Sieve your thoughts and direct them for your achievements.

No success is final and no failure is fatal. It is the courage to continue that turns failure into success.

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