Sunday, June 7, 2009

Basics of Life

Life is thickly sown with thorns,
and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them..
The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.........

"First Take Your Shoes Off....Back to Basics...."
The other day I was at the club, getting ready to go for work out, and I was standing in the row of lockers talking to another guy. I heard a couple of kids come in behind me. It was obvious from their conversation that they were about five & three years old and they were going to go swimming. Suddenly the older boy says to the younger one in a scolding voice, "Joe, you have to take your shoes off before you take your pants off." I turned around and there was this three-year old sitting on the ground, trying to take his pants off over those huge waffle-stomper boots! The guy I was talking to said, "That is good basic life instruction! " I said, "I'm gonna use that for an article someday."
Always take your shoes off before you take your pants off... It made me think about how often we try to get so sophisticated in our quest for success and personal growth but isn't it really true that all success begins with the basics? In fact, perhaps the struggles we have are because we have gotten away from the Basics.

With that in mind I gave some thought to the Basics in a few areas.
Here they are :
  1. Always produce a good product-
  2. Be honest-
  3. Under-promise and over-deliver-
  4. Help people and money will come-
  5. Pay your people well
  6. Put them first as they will be with you last-
  7. Treat your spouse like they are the most important person in the world - they are!-
  8. Give your kids more time than even you think that you should-
  9. Be sure to discipline your kids - they need boundaries-
  10. Take the time to create family memories-
  11. Travel as far and spend as much money as you need to make it home for special occasions - in the long run you'll be glad you did
  12. Treat people the way you want to be treated-
  13. Don't speak ill of others-
  14. Always help if you can when others are in need-
  15. Find ways to make others feel special-
  16. Always tell others what you like or appreciate about them
  17. Significantly lower your intake of "junk"-
  18. Exercise more, even if it is just a short daily walk... for 30 minutes-
  19. Drop the bad habits, like alcohol and cigarettes-
  20. Eat more fruits and vegetables


Eliminate debt : be ruthless about this-

Take a look at where you are currently spending-

Tighten up on (or cut out) the loose stuff in your budget-

Save some money each month-

Give some money to charity/ cause of under privileged... each month


Pray regularly ... its a personal practice .. so do it quietly. -

Trust God, even when it seems hard- Live what you say you believe-

Get involved in a community of faith


Take an inventory of your emotional health-

Work to control extremes in any emotion (emotions are good when they help to feel what we are supposed to feel, but destructive when they get to extremes)-

Allow yourself to feel emotions you have suppressedIf this list seems a little overwhelming, pick a few items you feel will make the most difference and focus on those basics!


AmanDeep Singh said...

i also believe in such strategies but wont u think that these all are theoretical rather than practical.....
any how it is good........

Prof Keshap said...

Dear Aman,

Life is a theory turned into practical. It takes to move from gross mind to subtle mind for understanding how theory is being practised in practical life. Theory is an aerial view of practical life- the philosphical concept like Sach Khand. Go on moving slowly but steady from gross to subtle and you will start accepting that practical life is just an another shape of theory.