Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I want to lead
a peaceful life:

Ranjist Singh Gill, alias Kuki, accused in the murder case of Lalit Makan and his wife in 1985, says he wants to rebuild his life.. “To be in jail for 17 long years was a harrowing experience. I am a totally changed man and want to lead a peaceful life”, said Kuki who was released on parole last Friday.

A resident of Kitchlu Nagar here, Kuki got parole to complete his M.Sc. in plant breeding at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) under Dr. Navtej Singh Bains from the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, PAU.

Talking to the Tribune, he said he was thankful to the government, who took interest in his case. With young wife Sarabjot Kaur sitting next to him, Kuki said it was a traumatic experience for two decades and he did not want to go back to the dingy cell of jail again. “I am close to 50. I think I have suffered enough for the crime I committed 24 years back. It was an offshoot of an ongoing frustration among Punjabis in 1984. I want to restore my dignity now,” he said with a heavy voice.

On asking about students standing by him when he was sent back to jail recently, Kuki said he was moved by the gesture of the students who were 20-30 years younger to him. “But they should not have boycotted classes. We can sort out things by initiating dialogue. I really do not want that youngsters should fall prey to violence as I have suffered enough for being violent. "
He said he was thankful to Avantika, daughter of Lalit Makan, who stood by him and appealed for his clemency to the Chief Minister of Delhi. In his message to the young generation, Kuki said frustration could lead to violence, but youth should be strong enough to overcome all hurdles in a non-violent manner.

On getting the degree, he said he had submitted his theses to PAU authorities and was waiting for viva to be conducted soon.

(Source: Shivani Bhakkoo’s report in The Tribune on 8th April, 2009.)

Dear readers,

We must desist from violence and follow the path of non-violence whatever be the cost. Forgive and forget method works here. Hate speech and mental hate against any one belonging TO any community is dealt severely by law. Law works for all as an equal deterrent. Years of life spent in jail for a crime can never be recalled at any cost. Learn to Be Patient in behaviour and save those precious years. Learn to love all as we the human beings are the sons and daughters of ONE LORD who can be remembered as Waheguru, Allah, Bhagwan, Lord Christ or by any other name.

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